OAKLAND, Calif. – Model No., a company that makes 3D-printed furniture, has named retail industry veteran Phillip Raub as the company’s new CEO. Company co-founder Jeffrey McGrew is moving into the role of chief technical officer.

“What I see as a huge opportunity for Model No. is expanding the current product line,” Raub said. “The company has just started to touch on its capabilities in the 3D printing process with bins and coffee tables, but we can add to that and create beautiful pieces in real-time with minimal waste.”

When it comes to scaling the company and its focus on sustainability, Raub said it will be possible in the future to set up manufacturing facilities in areas of the U.S. where they see a lot of demand and create a sense of community by being able to print and deliver the pieces locally.

Together, Raub and McGrew say their goal is to disrupt the furniture industry with an elevated direct-to-consumer experience that’s centered on made-to-order products that are sustainable, beautiful and easy to purchase.

“We can produce customized items in a few weeks rather than the lengthy lead times of 12 to 16 weeks that consumers see today for made-to-order pieces,” he added. “To create the pieces, we use excess food waste and non-petroleum based materials as a nod to our focus on sustainability.”

Raub joined Model No. from B8ta, where he served as president and co-founder of the software powered retailer. In that role, he started the retail-as-a-service concept which refocused the retail store as an experiential center as shopping continues to move online. Prior to B8ta, he served as head of global channel marketing for Nest at google.

McGrew has more than 20 years of experience as an architect and technologist with a focus on digital fabrication. Prior to co-founding Model No., McGrew co-founded a design-build company and has been part of several other startups and established ventures throughout his career.

“Model No. seeks to deliver a zero-waste product that fits into the lifestyle of our environmentally conscious consumer,” said McGrew. “By reinventing the process of furniture design and production with the leveraging of 3D printing and digital fabrication, I’m excited to join forces with Phillip to give consumers a sustainable version of a product that they will always love and need.”

Model No.’s direct-to-consumer platform is powered by 3D printers and other advanced automation and enables seamless ordering and on-demand manufacturing.

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