Home furnishings software provider Amp is offering free tutorials for reps to help them successfully transition to remote selling.

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Amp, an integrated software platform provider for the furniture industry, has created several guides and videos to help train sales reps for how to sell remotely since most trade shows have been canceled due to COVID-19.

“What we know is that each buyer wants a different walkthrough; the reps need the tools and know-how to do their job without markets for the time being,” said Patrick Henley, CEO of Amp. “We have had this answer for years and are now focused on retraining.”

Henley said his company created several tutorials, which take between 20 and 60 minutes and focus on how to use existing technology to remotely sell entire furniture collections. The company is making the tutorials available for public use.

“The Amp platform was built with the idea that one day in the future, furniture markets would be obsolete. No one expected this to happen now, but our platform was built for remote selling with zoom meetings and screen shares,” he added. “Furniture is still a relationship business, and reps need to learn how to create and maintain these relationships in new ways.”

The company also said there is a new definition for what a furniture buyer is – since small and medium retailers have more flexibility on what they can do with their employees and are redirecting store personnel into acting as buyers for the immediate future.

“We are also redefining what e-commerce is; everyone is pushing to get e-commerce websites active, but stores aren’t equipped (for) the ancillary problems caused by suddenly being online, such as a chat window that adds more problems, and making sure the website is constantly up-to-date on inventory levels,” Henley said.

Amp Shop, an online B-to-B portal for the furniture industry, has been seeing an increase in monthly active users for dealers and buyers who are using it to access their dealer’s catalogs and product information, according to Henley.

The company currently partners with more than 500 manufacturers and has more than 30,000 authorized furniture buyers logging in and using the software on a monthly basis.

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