Chatdesk offers customers the option to convert to a digital channel to free up phone lines and customer service agents.

NEW YORK – Software company Chatdesk is targeting the home furnishings industry with its cloud-based software designed to increase the efficiencies of customer service calls.

“The goal is to reduce call volume, free up phone lines, lower wait times and convert customers to a digital channel,” said Aneto Okonkwo, CEO and co-founder of Chatdesk.

Chatdesk enables live agents to communicate with customers over popular chat platforms such as WhatsApp. By integrating a chat channel within Chatdesk, businesses can lower the demand for costly, traditional voice channels and enable agents to resolve multiple chat requests simultaneously, lowering the cost per resolution and increasing customer satisfaction, according to Okonkwo.

“This can result in savings of up to 80% of the cost per call since the cost per chat or moving customers to self-service frees up the customer support team to deal with the most important calls,” Okonkwo said. “The cost for the service is based on the number of calls shifted.”

Another option is to have what Chatdesk calls ‘superfans’, or furniture experts from across the U.S., who are normally previous customers of the brand, get paid to answer questions from other customers.

“’Superfans’ get paid per the ticket that is solved,” said Okonkwo. “People who are in this role get scored, and companies can select the top performers to respond to incoming questions.”

The Chatdesk system can import previous conversations about the same topic and suggest a response to the “superfan.” The company said there is normally so much churn in the customer support field that this option allows for the same experts to be used on a recurrent basis.

Chatdesk also offers reporting and analytics to provide agents with the ability to view customer insights and to access outstanding and historical tickets in real time.

Chatdesk also offers automatic tagging that has been created for the furniture and décor industry to offer assistance with typical issues such as finding an order and checking out swatches. The basic automatic tagging service offered by Chatdesk is free and filters conversations by date and channel.

Okonkwo said home furnishings companies such as Feather, Living Spaces and Oliver Space are currently using the cloud-based software.

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