Does Homeowner’s Policy Cover Termite Damage?

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Does My Homeowner's Insurance Cover Termite Damage? | Charlotte Insurance  Blog

Termites, the wood-eating pests that have been reported to cause damage worth of approx $1.5 billion annually, are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. This is due to the fact that insurers believe it is your duty as the homeowner to maintain your home generally. You could, however, be able to make a claim for termite damage under certain situations.

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What a Homeowner’s Policy Covers?

Your home is protected from loss with homeowner’s insurance, which also covers repairs in the event of damage. Most plans, however, only provide coverage for loss in the event of abrupt or unforeseen catastrophe. Although the damage may have come as a surprise to you because you were unaware that your home had termites, your insurance company probably does not share this opinion and will not pay for it. In fact, several insurance providers clearly state in their homeowner’s policies that termite damage is not covered.

You have a responsibility to maintain and take care of your home as a homeowner. That entails obtaining routine pest inspections, namely termite inspections. To prevent these pests out of your home, you should also be receiving routine treatments. Termites usually always indicate that you have disregarded your maintenance responsibilities.

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When Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Most of the time, homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage brought on by termites or any other bug because they are thought to be avoidable. However, in the following two situations, up to the limits of your policy, your homeowner’s insurance will provide coverage for termite damage:

  • When termites cause the house to fully collapse.
  • The termites are a result of a covered risk or hazard.

Abrupt Home Collapse

Your home’s insurance would protect you in the event that termites or other pests cause your house to unexpectedly collapse. However, there are some prerequisites you must first fulfil:

  • Your house fell, meaning the structure gave way and was torn to bits. This excludes warping, buckling, bulging, expanding, drooping, or cracking.
  • Due to their concealment, the termites caused harm without any foreseeable foreknowledge. You most likely won’t be covered if you were aware of the infestation but did nothing to stop it.

You Are Protected Against the Potential Causes of Termites

You might be covered if a covered risk or peril results in the termite infestation.

For instance, moisture in the home is one of the main reasons why termites occur. Your insurance may protect you if that moisture is a direct result of water damage brought on by a pipe leak. This is due to the fact that common homeowner insurance policies frequently cover internal leaks. This reasoning also holds true for other typical covered risks like fire, tornado, and wind damage.

These occurrences can alter the structure of your house and cause a termite infestation, while it may be challenging to demonstrate a direct connection between the damage and the termites. We advise consulting a specialist to evaluate your claim.

You must also submit a claim for the original damage caused by the peril.

Consider the scenario where a strong wind causes your roof’s shingles to be torn off, causing a termite infestation. As soon as you discover termites, you should notify them and file a claim for the roof damage. Your insurance company can deny your termite claim if you fail to mention the shingles, which can be viewed as a form of negligence.

In Brisbane, Australia, termite prevention is the best form of treatment. In order to prevent an infestation, it is crucial that you book a yearly termite inspection for your house as well as regular termite treatment. Depending on your residence and geographic region, you might require an inspection or treatment every three months, six months, or a year.

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How do I prepare for a pest inspection?

Preparing your home for pest inspection will depend on the kind of pest you’re dealing with. So, upon contacting the experts you will know.

What is a pre purchase pest inspection?

It is a pest management service that is conducted prior to buying a property or a vehicle.

What is the purpose of a pre purchase pest inspection and report?

The purpose of pre-purchase pest services is to identify the situation in a property prior to investing in it so that the negotiation process goes in the buyer’s favour.

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