G2 Esports is no stranger to signing major deals with commercial partners, with huge names like Adidas, New Era, BMW, Mastercard, Ralph Lauren, Logitech, Betway, Pringles, and Red Bull providing it with products and services, while also sponsoring its jerseys. This week, the world’s sixth most valuable esports company revealed its first partnership with a luxury furniture maker, in a deal it believes will provide its teams and followers with the “ultimate gaming experience.”

A multiple-year deal has been struck between G2 and Herman Miller Gaming, the division of Michigan-based ergonomic design company Herman Miller, in an agreement both organizations hope will enhance their existing abilities in a rapidly developing esports scene. With product research and development in mind, Herman Miller Gaming will explore how G2’s athletes train and play, helping it refine and create products better suited to modern professional gamers.

Initially, the manufacturer will provide a suite of products to G2 Esports, including new chairs, tables and monitor arms, which it hopes will boost their competitive success. In the coming weeks and months, the pair will canvass both players and the wider G2 community for feedback to develop a performance model that G2 can use to improve the ways it recruits and trains players.

Last year, Rodriguez made it clear his team only partnered with organizations that fit with G2’s business and goals, adding that regardless of a brand’s size, “our main goal is to build a long-lasting relationship that leaves a mark.”

Of all the recent signings, it appears this latest deal is one of Rodriguez’s most cherished. He said: “Herman Miller is the absolute crown jewel of sitting comfort. G2 and Herman Miller are the cream of the crop and I can’t think of many better partnerships. If you ask me to team up with my ideal brands, Herman Miller would literally come in the top ten. That’s insane. I’m both grateful and excited for what’s to come.”

Jon Campbell, general manager of Herman Miller Gaming, added: “When we entered the gaming space, we made a commitment to contribute to the community through products based on each gamer’s unique needs.

“Our vision with G2 is to continue to discover ways we can meet and support players in every aspect of the game. Working hand in hand with their players, we will deploy Herman Miller’s elite design and engineering teams to innovate, design, and discover insights and solutions that could change the way we support the esports athlete, both physically and mentally, forever.”