Great Reasons to Buy a New Home

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New homes are always popular with first time buyers, but have you ever considered moving into a new build once you are on the housing ladder? Here are some key reasons to choose a new home as your next purchase.

One of the main reasons people like to buy new build homes is because they are built to the very highest building standards.  New regulations have to be adhered to, and house developers know that they must tick all the boxes in order to have their development allowed.  This means that the houses will be the most well-built possible.

Another reason for new build homes being popular, particularly with first time buyers, is that they often come with sales incentives.  It could be that the developer offers sales benefits such as paying the stamp duty on behalf of the customer, throwing in freebies such as fitted carpets, or even offering a very low deposit (5% or less).  These incentives help to bring the overall cost of the home down, making them an ideal choice for people looking to step onto the housing ladder.

New build homes can be customised by the buyer fairly substantially, such as choosing the kitchen and bathroom design, tiles, flooring, and paint on the walls.  There is usually a choice of colours and finishes, some of which are fitted as standard, others are premium choices which hold an additional cost.  Depending at which stage of the build you are buying the house, you may have more or fewer options for customising the house.  This means you can have a home ready to move into which already reflects your style and tastes.  This is easier than buying second hand and having to correct other décor styles which were added by the previous owner!

Places to buy new builds are popping up all over the country, with towns near to transport links most likely to have new developments.  Try searching for new builds in Potton for example to see how close to the main cities and towns these new homes are being built.  Generally speaking, people prefer to start their home ownership life in a town which has good links and places to visit nearby.  Most new developments are located within easy reach of trains or buses so you can get about without needing a car.

Buying a new home is often easier than purchasing an older property, as there will not be a chain above you in the sale.  Being part of a long chain can be quite stressful, as your purchase is often at the mercy of another sale further down the chain; if something happens to prevent your seller from being able to complete, it can prevent you from being able to move!  This will never happen with a new build, as you will be the very first owner of the house.  Being part of a chain often puts new buyers off, so stick with new build if you want to avoid the hassle and stress of moving home!

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