Planning a vacation is so exciting! You have to take everything into account, even the weather. It can be disappointing to spend months preparing for your next vacation to discover that the weather during your trip will be gloomy or rainy. 

Don’t let a little rain get you down. A black umbrella will match any outfit and ensure you’re prepared for the worst while you explore. If you pack right, you can still make the most of your adventure. Here’s everything to consider when packing for a trip when rain is on the forecast.   

Opt for Moisture Wicking Clothing

If you know it’s going to rain, moisture-wicking clothing can help you explore the city without your wet clothing weighing you down. Avoid wearing jeans or cotton shirts, as these items can quickly become waterlogged. You won’t want to walk around the city or countryside cold and wet. 

Choose polyester-based items, like those you’d wear for exercise. Not only will these keep you more comfortable, but they’ll dry out faster, reducing the risk of your wet clothes growing any mold or mildew once packed in your suitcase. 

Invest in a Chic Raincoat 

You’re going to want to take photos to document your travels, even on rainy days. Sure, a compact travel poncho will prepare you for rainy weather – but it won’t look cute in the photos you share on Instagram. 

Invest in a cute and cozy raincoat if you are on a hiking trip. For city travelers, a chic trench coat can elevate your rainy-day outfits and let you explore the city in style. Plus, longer trench coats will help keep your legs dry all day.

 Either way, a quality rain or trench coat will keep you much warmer and drier than a cheap, thin poncho. 

Waterproof Shoes are Your Best Friend

Whether traveling to the city or the country, you won’t want to walk around all day with wet feet. Rain boots can be heavy and bulky to pack on long trips. Cloth sneakers are lighter to pack but won’t keep your feet dry. 

Instead, choose a quality pair of leather boots or hiking shoes that you can feel confident and comfortable walking in, rain or shine. Avoid materials like suede, which can quickly become damaged when wet. You don’t want to ruin a cute pair of shoes on your trip. Invest in a waterproofing spray to ensure 

Keep a Compact Umbrella on You at All Times 

Don’t get caught unawares while traveling. Rain can surprise you! Even on days the weather seems warm and sunny. It’s wise to have a compact black umbrella in your bag. Tiny travel umbrellas won’t take up too much space in your bag. Keep your head dry while you find cover, and avoid having to run back to the hotel and change into dry clothes. 

Pack a Few Plastic Bags

If you leave for your next destination before your clothing has completely dried, it could cause your suitcase to develop mold or mildew. Bring a few extra plastic bags along to keep wet or damp clothes, and shoes separate once packed inside your suitcase. 

You can also use a small Ziplock bag to keep electronics dry on particularly wet days. Organizing all your clothing into plastic bags can be particularly helpful for wet hiking or backpacking trips. Even if your backpack and tent are completely soaked, you’ll have a dry change of clothes.    

Bring a Flashlight, Batteries, and a Portable Charger 

Destinations in more remote locations experience blackouts during the rainy season. Stay prepared by having a flashlight and extra batteries on you. Bring a portable charger to avoid a power outage from preventing you from charging your phone. It’s always good to have your phone handy in case of emergencies.  

Bring Entertainment

If the weather is particularly stormy, you may have to spend a day avoiding the elements in your hotel room or your tent. Bring along a book and some games to keep you entertained. There is nothing quite like curling up to read a good book on a rainy day. Small games like cards or dice are easy to pack and can offer you and your friends a distraction while you wait for the storm to pass. 

Embrace the Gloom!

Don’t let a little rain ruin your travel plans. Plenty of popular travel destinations also happen to be the rainiest cities in the world. If you have your black umbrella, a quality coat, and a waterproof pair of shoes, you’ll be all set to make the most of even the gloomiest weather. 

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