SAN FRANCISCO – CEO Mike Magnuson has made a new music video, this time channeling his inner cowboy.

In “Stayin’ Home,” Magnuson sports a plaid shirt, jeans, fancy belt buckle and western hat and belts out another round of catchy lyrics inspired by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his first music video, “Shelter in Place,” Magnuson sang about how he and his family were sheltering in place in their home in San Francisco. That video won acclaim from across the home furnishings industry for Magnuson’s spot-on lyrics, his smooth singing style, and its clever storytelling.

Magnuson said it was a collaborative effort by his family. His 12-year-old son was his videographer.

Now that collaboration is on display again, with Magnuson singing about the joys he finds in “Stayin’ Home.”

He sings:
“Is it bad that I don’t mind stayin’ home?
I know I’m not supposed to like being alone.
I got nowhere to go, nowhere to roam,
Truth is, I don’t mind stayin’ home.”

In his introduction to the video on his Facebook page, Magnuson explains the roots of his new song. “OK, so that last song was really fun to make,” he says. “So we wrote another one. This one is inspired by Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and their outlaw country brethren.”

Magnuson sings about things that happen at work that he doesn’t miss, like water cooler gossip, sweaty handshakes and wearing a tie, and he celebrates the glories of watching TV in his boxer shorts and taking naps.

He says he and his family have found the videos to be a fun way to stay active and keep their spirits up while being sheltered in place together.

“Over the years, two of my favorite hobbies have been playing music and embarrassing my kids,” Magnuson added. “Conveniently, I’ve found that making these music videos has allowed me to pursue both of these hobbies at the same time.”

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