Marxent said its online room planner, which is integrated with the e-commerce check out process, is getting a lot of interest from companies since stores temporarily closed during the pandemic.

MIAMISBURG, Ohio – Since the stay-at-home orders started last month, Marxent, a furniture technology provider, has seen a good-sized increase in demand for its online room planner which integrates with the e-commerce checkout process.

“This has been the big unlock in terms of adoption,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and co-founder. “Consumers need to be able to design from photos. We’ve seen some pretty impressive numbers from the ‘build my floor plan’ tool where customers can pick photos, then drag and drop items into those photos and hit checkout. Each item goes into the cart and then they are done. It’s seamless; they don’t need to interact with anyone.”

Marxent is currently working on a patent for the ability to add the entire room to a cart with one click.

Besecker said Marxent is working with a kitchen design company that has gone from zero in online sales to more than $2 million a month in just five months while using the room planner tool.

Customers typically spend about 40 minutes building a room, and once they do that, it results in a 5% conversion rate, “If you take the time to build a room you’re going to buy it,” he added.

Marxent also has some clients who are using the ‘build my floor plan’ with interior designers who normally work in-store and can help customers feel more confident with their decision, which approximates the in-store experience, according to Besecker.

“Rooms can be a valuable way for a sales associate to create a dialogue. It can be a remarketing program where the sales associates can look at the photos consumers have used and can see their style and interest area and then ask which additional rooms they need help with,” said Besecker.

The room planning tool can also be used as a link on social media sites where customers can go right into the design tool on the website. Once the images are created they can be shared as PNGs or panoramas for use on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels.

“We believe the pandemic is accelerating e-commerce, resulting in more people who will be comfortable with these new mediums,” Besecker said. “It will be a change in the furniture space. We have taken a ton of calls from customers who are new to e-commerce and are using this time to plan what their new future looks like.”

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