The Social Safety app would alert co-workers whenever they come within six feet of each other in the workplace.

NEW YORK – Consulting firm and digital agency From has developed an easy-to-use, secure mobile app that helps employees keep the required six feet of distance when they return to work as social distancing guidelines across the country are relaxed over the next few months.

The app, that’s currently available in beta form for companies applying to use it, is called the Social Safety app.

“Being right here at the epicenter in New York, our team really wanted to find a way to help,” said From CEO Howard Tiersky. “When it was clear the situation was becoming worse, we applied our own innovation consulting practices to try to identify ways we could use our own skills and assets to bring something to market that would benefit those challenged by the situation.”

The company said speed was the main motivator when they considered ways that digital technology could encourage employees to stay at a safe distance from one another.

“It was important to us to provide an easy-to-use product with a fast turnaround,” said Anis Dave, chief technology officer of From. “We knew we could solve a problem that a lot of businesses would be struggling with over the coming months.”

The company’s usual work involves creating shopping, travel and entertainment apps for clients like Avis Rental Cards, NBC and Verizon, but the pandemic turned the company’s attention to using technology to keep people safe in the workplace.

Employees install the app on their phones and keep the phone in a pocket or wear it on their arms while they are working. If employees come within six feet of each other, the app alerts them through beeps, vibration and a light display. The app also keeps a secure record of accidental close contact between people at the business so that in case of infection, employees can be warned of their possible exposure risk.

In January 2016, three organizations came together to create From, including Moving Interactive, Funny Garbage and Innovation Loft. The company works with clients to transform teams and internal processes for success in the digital world.

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