Bob Gaylord

Bob Gaylord

Doug Peppler

Doug Peppler

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Agio USA has named current Executive Vice President Doug Peppler to be its new president as part of a management succession plan. He succeeds Bob Gaylord, Agio’s co-founder who will take a newly created position, executive committee chairman.

In his new role, Gaylord will step aside from daily operations into a strategic advisory position.

“Doug’s industry knowledge on multiple fronts and his lengthy tenure with Agio makes him the perfect choice for this position,” said Gaylord. “He has a tremendous amount of experience in each of the markets that we serve.”

Peppler is a company partner and has been with Agio for nearly 20 years, rising through Agio’s senior management positions from vice president, senior vice president and executive vice president.

He has also been active in the International Casual Furniture Assn. for many years, including serving on the association’s board of directors.

Peppler conceived and launched Agio’s “Reserve Program,” a warehousing option that introduced many single dealers or small chains to direct-shipping by “reserving” certain collections to be mixed and matched into a single container for importing.

Another career highlight is his leadership to reintroduce traditional furniture retailers or acquaint first-time furniture merchants with selling outdoor furniture.

“Bob is handing over the reins of a pretty well-run company to me, so I have some huge shoes to fill,” said Peppler. “ Best of all, he’ll continue to be involved with the company so our team can still draw upon his knowledge and instincts that helped Agio become the outdoor leader we are today.”

Gaylord moves on to a new role. While no longer involved in day-to-day company management, as executive committee chair he will continue to provide guidance and cultivate industry relations he’s built up over the past five decades.

Among Gaylord’s industry highlights: Agio’s leadership in outdoor fire elements and the portable gas fire pit in particular; the move away from glass-top tables to higher quality tops; investing in actionable trend research and hiring fresh designers; and the overall embrace of “The Outdoor Room” concept.

Gaylord believes the greatest impact was his pioneering role in building longstanding manufacturing relationships in China and boosting the outdoor category within the furniture industry and with the modern homeowner.

“I’m really proud of the way we operate,” Gaylord said. “We’re one ownership group, with multiple designers and campuses to pull from. That’s the secret to Agio’s ability to deliver quality goods on time.

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