Qualities of both French and Nordic Home Design

Melisa D. Galvin
Qualities of both French and Nordic Home Design

French home design is like a science; one part monarchy-style and one-part casual style, while the Nordic home design is known for its simplicity and much space. Here are the differences and similarities between both home designs:

Both French and Nordic home designs use a lot of wood

Wood is a common feature of both home designs. However, wood flooring is often used in most homes. Sometimes, the wood is softened with sheepskins or rugs. In French Home Design as well, rustic wood is a favorite. The rustic wood gives the house its simplicity. The tables and chairs are wooden, and the floor is timber with a refined color and this gives the home its sophistication. If you are shopping for furniture for your Nordic home design, you can read HomeSquare and other furniture companies reviews to know if they sell Nordic furniture and which is the best to shop from.

The nordic home design uses more light colors than French home design

Due to the long and dark winters present in Scandinavian countries, their home interiors are usually painted white to keep their homes bright. The colors are usually soft and not so loud so that they can blend in with the entire space. However, in French home design, they draw inspiration from nature for their colors. They select their color palettes based on what they like. The most popular colors are greys, creams, blues, blushes, etc. They ensure that everything blends in an elaborate manner.

The kitchen in French home design is a statement one while Nords keep their simple

At the heart of a French home, you will always find a statement kitchen island. This statement kitchen often has a similar finish to the rest of the house. However, it is gorgeous and elaborate with its classic paneling and marble top. There is much space for you to move around in the kitchen and the equipment is always state-of-the-art. For Nordic home designs, the kitchen is classy but not a statement one. It is always simple and less sophisticated; however, it serves your needs.

French home designs reflect the personality of the homeowner while Nordic home designs are mostly conventional

Nordic home designs rarely deviate from the conventional Scandinavian lifestyle: a lot of clutter-free space, light colors, white interiors, wooden tables, and chairs softened with sheepskins, etc. However, French home designs are just as much about lifestyle. The French decorate their homes to suit their personality. Everything in the overall home design is put in there to have a function. Sometimes, the seating can be mismatched but it is okay as long as the owner is satisfied.

French home design is sophisticated while the Nordic home design is effortless

Nordic home designs are usually effortless to replicate. Just have enough space and white interiors with both functional and aesthetic furniture and you are good to go. However, French home design takes a lot of pride in respecting history. It fuses the luxury and character of the exclusive historical projects in France.

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