Bringing greenery inside is important if you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors. But don’t just focus on the plants.

A well-designed container “allows you to curate your plant choices to create something that feels special and personal,” said Aaron Booher, a principal at Future Green Studio, a landscape design firm in Brooklyn.

Begin by considering where it will be installed, how much space you have to fill and if you want the planter to stand out visually.

“Is it going to be a sculptural statement in a room or an outdoor space, or more of a subtle background element?” Mr. Booher asked, noting that in his home, he often puts houseplants in vintage pieces of art pottery.

You might want to group several containers together, Mr. Booher suggested: “I really like groupings of plants, because it allows you to create a mini landscape.”

But even a single plant in a carefully chosen pot “provides all the benefits of a fresh-flower arrangement,” he said, with one key advantage: “It’s more permanent.”

Long cast-stone planter by Campania International

$105 at Perigold: 844-757-6588 or

Small rope-and-cement planter

About $11 at Jamali Garden: 212-244-4025 or

Fiber clay pot with textured pattern

From $69 at Ballard Designs: 800-536-7551 or

Galvanized-steel container with handles

From about $30 at Gardener’s Supply Company: 888-833-1412 or

Clay pots with an aged appearance

From $6 each at Terrain: 877-583-7724 or

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