Sunbrella adds new partner to repurpose excess fabric

Melisa D. Galvin

RALEIGH, N.C. – Sunbrella has a new partner in its fight against waste.

Reborn Clothing Co., a N.C.-based upcycling company, has launched a line of totes and zipper pouches in partnership with the performance fabric company, making use of its scrap fabric materials.

“Sunbrella has excess material created during its design and manufacturing process, and we’re able to repurpose these into products that are truly one-of-a-kind,” said Emily Neville, founder and CEO of Reborn Clothing. “Similarly, universities have leftover products from T-shirts to promotional banners, and we’re able to turn that into anything from laptop sleeves to duffel bags. This process makes sense for Sunbrella, the schools and Reborn, and more importantly, it makes sense for the consumer.”

Reborn’s mission with the line was to create pieces that each have their own unique fabric combination. The first limited-release of these products is available for purchase online at Reborn’s website.

For Sunbrella, the partnership is just one part of its larger efforts to decrease waste at each stage of their manufacturing and operating process and adds to its network of reuse and recycling efforts. Currently, no Sunbrella manufacturing facility in the world sends waste to a landfill.

“Sunbrella is committed to finding practical solutions to make our manufacturing as sustainable as possible,” said David Dean, head of research and development for Glen Raven, the parent company of Sunbrella. “This partnership with Reborn Clothing Co. offers a unique way to revitalize and repurpose what would previously be considered ‘unusable’ fabrics.”

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