INDIANAPOLIS — A survey from marketing personalization platform SmarterHQ revealed that this holiday season, 60% of shoppers plan to shop online and pick up the items either in-store or curbside.

The survey also revealed that 30% of shoppers plan to make most of their purchases after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“The way retailers reach out to consumers will also look and feel different. For all the uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused in the retail industry, one silver lining is that brands and retailers have gotten better in how they approach their customers,” said Michael Osborne, SmarterHQ president and CEO.

“What we’ve seen during COVID is a number of retailers placing less of an emphasis on sales and discounts in their marketing messages, and more of a focus on nurturing customer relationships.”

Osborne said retailers will be heavily promoting buy online, pick-up in-store since this saves money on shipping costs and helps keep margins intact. In fact, some retailers are offering discounts for customers who use BOPIS rather than shipping.

The survey also revealed that retailers have more behavioral data than ever before, so they are better able to personalize their communications with customers, according to Osborne.

“With a high influx in online browsing and shopping activities, brands will have more behavioral data at their fingertips than ever before,” Osborne said. “They’ll have data around which items and categories are most popular and can use that to their advantage.”

A similar survey from Google showed that consumers plan to style their homes this fall, with home goods and clothing topping the list of items to be purchased.

Many retailers have indicated they will move beyond the concept of Black Friday as a single day and plan to offer their best deals over a longer period of time.

The Google survey also found that more people plan to shop on Cyber Monday or later this year, and 50% of those surveyed said they plan to use BOPIS or curbside pick-up.

A full 84% of shoppers said that COVID-19 will impact at least one aspect of their holiday shopping behavior, according to the Google survey.

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