These beautiful high resolution images of bokeh effect photography will remind you of city nightlife. The main image and related images on the following page are an exciting mix of colored circles of light up against a very dark background.  Some of the other related images are a little more in focus and show a city landscape.

Almost every neon light and car headlight color you can think of is incorporated in these photographs. The dark night sky background makes the perfect backdrop to showcase all the action that is taking place in a city. Moving cars, busy people, and store lights are all blurry but implied.

The numerous neon colors bring a feeling of excitement to the images.  The blurriness also creates a sense of wonder. Some of the images imply that you are inside of a car because of the other headlights shining in.

Industries that could use these images are tourism. More specifically, businesses that provide nightlife entertainment could make great use of these images on their websites. Graphic designers could use these images to overlay text on for blog posts. Specific areas of the website these images could go on are as a backdrop for sections of a webpage or the header and footer areas.

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