Is your dwelling leaking air? Is it not as very well insulated as it could be? If so, it is time to start off thinking of incorporating some free fill insulation  to your property. The reality is there are a great number of various sorts of insulation to pick out from, so it can be difficult to know which one particular is correct for you. Most residence advancement contractors you communicate to will attempt to sell you on the products they use, but the truth is their views are usually motivated by purchasing their solutions rather than facts.

At Home windows on Washington, we have labored with all various sorts of insulation and only suggest insulation we know will get the job done for you and your wants. In this report, we will be exclusively conversing about cellulose free fill insulation so if you are taking into consideration this type of insulation, you can arm you with all the critical facts from the get-go.

What is Cellulose Insulation?

Cellulose insulation is a form of insulation that is largely designed from recycled paper, which usually means it is just one of the most eco-friendly insulation options on the market. How it performs is that paper that would normally stop up in landfills is broken down into more compact fibers and taken care of (typically with boric acid and borax as fireplace and pest retardants). And relying on the manufacturer, an adhesive may well be added as perfectly to aid the insulation cling collectively and stop settling.

How Does Cellulose Insulation Operate?

Cellulose unfastened fill insulation is blown into roof cavities, building a layer of insulated address. When thoroughly mounted, there are really couple of air pockets still left, which is why this kind of insulation is 1 of the most hugely regarded and made use of procedures of insulating a property. 

Who is Cellulose Insulation Excellent For?

When seeking to decide if cellulose loose fill insulation is the finest insulation content for your property, you have to have to think about the places wherever cellulose insulation shines. Attics are one particular of the most generally used sites for cellulose free fill insulation, and we advocate using borate stabilized cellulose for the next motives:

  • Heightened performance. The R-value of borate stabilized cellulose is significantly larger compared to other normally utilized insulation this kind of as loose filled fiberglass insulation.
  • Eco-friendly. Borate stabilized cellulose is designed from recycled materials, producing it the far more eco-welcoming preference.
  • Pest deterrent. In terms of pests, borates are one particular of the most productive pesticides for your home.
  • No VOC. Dissimilarly to other insulation, borate stabilized cellulose does not have VOC (volatile organic compounds) content and does not offset fuel like ammonium sulfate stabilized cellulose or formaldehyde made up of fiberglass does.

The cons of borate stabilized cellulose? It can be more costly than other sorts of insulation, but in our viewpoint, the benefits much outweigh the price tag. 

Why We Pick out Cellulose Insulation

It is a sad fact functioning in the property enhancement business that we typically get customers coming to us soon after possessing their attics overblown with fiberglass and reporting rarely any adjust in ease and comfort to their house. 

Why do so many house enhancement contractors usually endorse fiberglass insulation about cellulose? Nicely, the fact is it will come down to charge – with fiberglass being the less costly option. However, although the cost is a element, when it comes to insulation, the finest selection need to be based mostly on overall performance, and not what is least expensive or most popular. That is why at WoW we only use borate stabilized cellulose for all of our unfastened fill insulation jobs. When correctly installed, cellulose insulation coupled with targeted air sealing will not only strengthen the temperature of your residence, it will also boost convenience and decrease your utility expenses.

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